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For the first half of 2014 I worked part time on Patio Systems new site creating the look and feel,
organization and navagation. At the same time I created their new blog with about 500 pictures and
text to get the SEO moving along. This is some of my best web work.
Patio Systems

A site I built summer 2012 for a friend. Sadly, the company didn't pay their bill
and the site had to be shut down. I was proud of the work and crushed that it would not
be published - but here it is anyway.
Scooter City

Here's another site I created and launched for another friend who always pays his bills.
We were not able to go any further since the next step was too time involved
and needed an investment in some data base building (out of my scope.
Even unfinished, the site has been useful - and is fun to look at (for antiquers, anyway).
Bridgeville Emporium

This blog has a lot of information about me.
Roger's Lists

My most recent project, Wrist Watch Spot, is an effort of love and persistance.
I've invested about 700 hours into it so far. All text and graphics are my work.
Wrist Watch Spot

Another blog of a different format, this one starts life to support the website (above),
Scooter City. It has had thousands of visits in it's first year.
As you will see, I switch subjects for the last few posts to control the traffic.
Scooter Lifestyle Blog

YouTube is a good place to build a following, so I learned Adobe Premier,
found a subject (wrist watches) that was under-reported and got to work on
the thirty video clips found under my YouTube channel.
Some of the clips, "Idiot Ink" and "Heavy Metal" seemed like good
subjects a the time. "Idiot Ink" has become my most popular work
with almost 40,000 views to date.
Roger's YouTube Channel

Always looking for new ways to reach out I decided to make a self-promoting Android App to
post to Google Play. It is named Rehoboth Roger and here are the screens that I developed for it.

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There are people who would like to know where I am with the diet (fifteen months) and bike program (1100 miles this summer). Here I am, August 2014, age 66, still working on the stomach but happy with the rest.

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